Coat as you like it !
  • Multi shutter calotte

    A test glas changer for your coating machine. It improves the OMS you use.

  • Multi shutter calotte

    Multi shutter calottes

    An extraordinary concept for extraordinary results.

  • Thinfilm stress

    Thinfilm stress

    Stressed!! But how much...?

  • The "Technik" behind it.

    The "Technik" behind it

    The know-how of our products.


Our products help developers increase their efficiency in developing new thin film systems.

Our devices are suitable for producers of filters, mirrors, AR-coatings, solarcells, LEDs, lamps, semiconductors etc.

And with our upcoming product range of calotte segments with added functionality we will be able to support our customers in the coating industry even better.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.